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Ambulance Services

Patient Transport Services are done by our firm in higher standards. As per our firm, life is one of the main one. When it is gone then we cant buy life through money. Henceforth by thinking over it our patient transport services are equipped with enormous facilities with proper care provided by the doctors and nurses who are always available in our ambulance services.

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Body Freezer

Our eminent Dead Body Freezer box is effectively designed in order to prevent from tissue decomposition. Our body freezer box is widely spread to hospital, home and funeral places. We assure to provide the body freezer box at the destination place in fast and studious manner. Our Boxes are used to transfer dead bodies without any kind of decomposition and moved towards long distance.

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Ventilator Ambulance

We offer eminent Medical and Ambulance Services as per the needs and requirements if our client. We aim to serve and save the life of all mankind and provide medical services to our patients in well perfect manner. Services offered by us are: Mortuary Van Oxygen Attached, Body Embalming, Mobile ICU Unit Ambulance, Ac and Non Ac Ambulance are available.

We ProvideAmbulance Services
and Ventilator Services

Rajadhani Ambulance services is one of the most prominent service providers in Hyderabad. Our ambulance service is being rendered 24 hours emergency to every nook n corners of Hyderabad. We serve our best to save the life of the patient by providing speedy service on reasonable rates. Our Ambulance service in Hyderabad is the most cost effect and economical medical facility to the critically ill common man or to accident patient. We provide lifesaving medicines and salts, infusions and possibly first aid is given in the ambulance. Our priority is to save the life of the patient by giving them early medication.

Our Ambulance Services in Hyderabad is open for 24 hours Can Reach us on 09054108108 and we give prompt reply to every call. We are just a call away whether a patient is coming by Air, Railway or by road we are always on toes to reach in the shortest period. We understand the sensitivity of the wok that we can save the life of the patient. We work or the betterment of the humanity. We run in all directions of Hyderabad day and night at very affordable price. Our ambulance is fully medically equipped with all features like cardiac life support, oxygen pumps, modern ventilators and ICU facility, lifesaving medicines, and salts to give first aid to the patient. Our service is being appreciated by all leading hospitals as we provided committed quality and economical rates which has made us the most trusted brand in areas of Hyderabad.

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Our Ambulance Services

Why choose us?

  1. Most sophisticated medical equipment for patients
  2. Pre hospital care is given on time
  3. Working for all 365 days and 24 hours to service common people
  4. 24 hours emergency number available at 9054108108
  5. Speedy service in all areas of Hyderabad
  6. Transferring patients from one hospital to other for further quality treatment


Is to give ambulance services any individual out of luck.
We will never acknowledge or deny a solicitation for transportation dependent on the budgetary
"primary concern".


Keeping up World Class Standards, we give 24 Hour Medical Assistance, Ventilator ambulance Services and Dead Body freezer Box With true Commitment to Safety, Service and Value.